Friday, February 28, 2014

Apply Now for FOFA's Summer Study Grants

Student Artists and Musicians:

If you are interested in continuing your fine arts studies this summer at a music or art camp, but need financial assistance to attend, please consider applying for a scholarship from Friends of Fine Arts, which annually supports over $3,000 in summer study grants to student musicians and artists.

To be considered, your application must be submitted by Tuesday, March 25, 2014. New for this year, the Summer Study grant application is on a Google form, completely paperless. 

You can complete the form here: FOFA Summer Study Grants

Questions about the application process? Please ask Mr. Williams, Downers Grove South Fine Arts Department Chairman at

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rotary Music Scholarship applications now being accepted!

The Rotary Club of Downers Grove is now accepting applications for their annual Charles Dickerman Music Scholarship. Each year the Rotary Club of Downers Grove gives a $2,000 scholarship check to a deserving high school senior who resides in Downers Grove or the District 99 attendance area. Charles Dickerman was a founding member of the Rotary Club of Downers Grove.  He was a nuclear physicist at Argonne National Laboratory who had undergraduate degrees in both physics and music. Charles stayed involved in music throughout his life and was an avid bagpiper.

A scholarship application can be downloaded at

Applicants must have their forms postmarked by March 10, 2014. If selected as a finalist, candidates must be available for an interview and audition in the evening of April 7, 2014.

The qualifications to apply for this scholarship are:
· Be a graduating senior attending a public, private, parochial or home school, and reside in Downers Grove or the High School District 99 attendance area.
· Plan to pursue a post-secondary education program.
· Have participated in high school curricular music activities and/or extracurricular music activities. 
· Composers and/or arrangers qualify for this scholarship. 
· Pursuit of an undergraduate music major or minor is not required.
· Financial need is not a criterion for selection.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Scholarship Dough" Fundraiser Kicks Off Monday, February 24

FOFA's annual cookie dough and popcorn sale begins this Monday, February 24, continuing through Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy fresh-baked cookies (the easy way!) AND provide much-appreciated scholarship money that supports eligible Downers Grove South fine arts students seeking help to continue their music or visual art studies. (Read "Student Voices" from past scholarship recipients.)

How? Simply place your order for cookie dough or gourmet popcorn through any participating band, orchestra, choir, or visual arts student. View the complete collection of cookie and popcorn choices.

Each item is $13. Please make checks payable to Downers Grove South Fine Arts. Orders can also be turned in to the DGS Fine Arts Office, the band or choir mailbox, or one of the Fine Arts teachers.

Then, on Tuesday, April 29, plan to pick up your order between 2:00 and 6:00 pm in the Orchestra Room.

Support DGS Fine Arts!
Remember, this is FOFA's largest fundraising event, designed to support students' visual and musical arts endeavors. We appreciate your help! If you have any questions, please contact Walter or Karolle Krajewski at 630-951-0347.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Scholarship Opportunities for Downers Grove Student Musicians (Juniors and Seniors)

The Downers Grove Music Club is currently accepting applications from high school seniors and juniors for its College Music Awards and its Rising Stars Music Awards. Two awards will be granted to high school seniors and six awards to qualifying juniors, as follows:

College Music Award
Two seniors will receive $1,000.
Application and eligibility details located here.

Rising Stars Music Awards
Six juniors will receive $400 towards furthering their musical education through continued study during the summer. 
Application and eligibility details can be found here.

Applications must be submitted either via hardcopy, postmarked no later than April 1, 2014. Or it must be submitted electronically with a date and time stamp of no later than 11:59 pm April 1, 2014.

Last year's winners are performing on Tuesday, April 8th at 7:30 pm.  The location is Four Corners Community Church, 8251 Lemont Road in Darien. Faculty, friends and family are welcome to attend this exciting event.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scholastic Art Show Award Winners - Show Opens Sunday, February 9

The Fine Arts Department at South High School in Downers Grove is pleased to announce the results of the judging from the 2014 Chicago area regional Scholastic Art Awards held at Downers Grove North High School. 1,059 student artists from 30 area schools submitted 2,430 works of art for adjudication.  51 South High School visual art students merited 127 awards, including 47 Gold Key Awards, 37 Silver Key Awards, 43 Honorable Mention Awards, and 1 American Vision Award nominee. 

These pieces, and all the award winning pieces from the entire regions, will be unveiled at the Opening Reception on Sunday, February 9, 2014 from 1-4:00 PM in the auditorium foyer at Downers Grove North High School.  The works will continue in exhibit for one week following the opening reception.

“We are exceedingly proud of both the process followed by our student artists, and, of the products they all create.” said Glenn Williams, Fine Arts Department Chairman at South High.  “Scholastic Art Awards represent a high point of artistic achievement for a high school Visual Artist.”  For more information about DGS Visual Art, contact Glenn Williams at, or, go to our department blog at

American Vision Award Nominee

Maria Padilla (Photography) Lost

Gold Key Awards 
Lizbeth Alcantra (Jewelry)
Karolina Ambrazaite (Photography - 2)
Michael Baer (Digital Art, Mixed Media -2 )
Dawson Busdeker (Digital Art)
Quinn Cursio (Photography)
Abigail Dalton (Art Porfolio, Photography, Digital Art - 2)
Emily David (Mixed Media)
Jill Domabyl (Jewelry)
Julie Dudasik (Photography)
Anna Fischer (Painting)
Kailey Holzman (Photography)
Natalie Hutchison (Photography- 2)
Egle Keturakyte (Drawing)
Cassie Lueken (Digital Art)
Insiya Mansoor (Jewelry)
Erin Motyl (Photography)
Tiffany Nguyen (Photography - 2)
Lori Niehaus (Digital Art - 2, Photography)
Maria Padilla (Photography – 4)
Crystal Panganiban (Digital Art)
Caroline Purcell (Drawing)
Jose Sanchez (Photography)
Maria Serna-Sanchez (Drawing)
Gianna Smith (Mixed Media)
Rachel Smith (Drawing)
Jessica Stacko (Mixed Media, Photography, Art Portfolio)
Merlyn Thomas (Drawing (2) )
Marisa Tolomeo (Art Portfolio, Painting)
Jane Woywod (Mixed Media)
Tyler Zowaski (Ceramics & Glass)

Silver Key Awards (20 students, 37 awards)
Karolina Ambrazaite (Photography, Digital Art, Art Portfolio)
Brianna Creek (Art Portfolio, Photography)
Abigail Dalton (Art Portfolio, Painting, Digital Art, Photography - 2)
Emily David (Digital Art)
Emma Hansen (Painting)
Matthew Harms (Ceramics & Glass)
Kailey Holzman (Digital Art, Mixed Media, Photography)
Jessica Hoos (Drawing)
Egle Keturakyte (Drawing, Art Portfolio)
Nicole Landrosh (Ceramics & Glass)
Lian Lucansky (Ceramics & Glass)
Cassie Lueken (Photography)
Erin Motyl (Photography - 2)
Tiffany Nguyen (Photography)
Maria Padilla (Digital Art, Art Portfolio)
Crystal Panganiban (Digital Art)
Jose Sanchez (Digital Ast)
Jessica Stacko (Digital Art, Photography, Mixed Media - 2, Art Portfolio)
Joanna Szumny (Digital Art)
Marisa Tolomeo (Drawing, Mixed Media)

Honorable Mention 
Karolina Ambrazaite (Photography)
Michael Baer (Photography - 2)
Quinn Cursio (Photography)
Abigail Dalton (Digital Art)
Peter Dignan (Comic Art)
Ann Elapunkal (Ceramics & Glass)
Anna Fischer (Painting
Paige Ford (Drawing)
Haakon Fredriksen (Ceramics & Glass)
Kirsten Gard (Design)
Kavita Grover (Drawing)
Emma Hansen (Ceramics & Glass)
Kaitlyn Hong (Painting - 2)
Jessica Hoos (Drawing)
Natalie Hutchison (Photography)
Tomoki Kamitani (Drawing)
Egle Ketuarakyte (Mixed Media)
Jessica Lucadello (Ceramics & Glass)
Cassie Lueken (Photography, Digital Art -2)
Diana Melstrad (Digital Art)
Erin Motyl (Art Portfolio)
Tiffany Nguyen (Digital Art)
Lori Neihaus (Digital Art)
Maria Padilla (Photography)
John Perdue (Painting)
Kelly Pringle (Ceramics & Glass)
Jose Sanchez (Digital Art)
Maggie Sias (Digital Art)
Gianna Smith (Digital Art - 2)
Jessica Stacko (Photography, Digital Art - 2)
Merlyn Thomas (Art Portfolio, Painting)
Marisa Toloemo (Mixed Media)
Hannah Wood (Photography - 2)
Jane Woywod (Digital Art)