Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Prizes for Top "Scholarship Dough" Sellers

FOFA's annual "Scholarship Dough" fundraising campaign is now in full swing. To reward students' efforts to support this campaign (which provides much-appreciated scholarship money for music and visual art students hoping to continue their studies over the summer) new prizes will be given to four top sellers:

$25 gift card to top-selling band student
$25 gift card to top-selling choir student
$25 gift card to top-selling orchestra student
$25 gift card to top-selling visual arts student

Orders for cookie dough or gourmet popcorn can be placed through any participating music or visual arts student until March 18, 2014. Each item is $13. View the complete collection of choices.

Questions? Please contact Walter or Karolle Krajewski at 630-951-0347. Thanks for your support!

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